3 formulars to write an effective introduction of a content writing

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Beggining with a question

Do you know a secret about human psychology? That is …

We always want to create a complete picture.

A question is an effective way of hitting people’s psychology. Why?

Because no matter how many questions I ask you, subconsciously you always want to find the answer.

I have applied this method right in the first part of the article and haven’t you still been here right now?

Not only does the reader get interested in the article immediately, this way also leads the reader to pull down unconsciously – similar to the Bucket Brigades model we are about to mention in the next section.

This is a simple and effective method but many bloggers and copywriters ignore.

Please Copy & Paste one of the questions below to open your lesson!

1. What if I told you (subject) doesn’t need to … (strong adjectives) or … (strong adjectives)?

What if I told you to make a cake that doesn’t take too much time or is too messy?
What if I told you that losing weight does not need to be miserable to eat or to exercise hard?
What if I told you to study, not necessarily day or night reading or languishing in the auditorium?
If you want to know what strong adjectives to fill, continue reading the article below.

2. Sounds like … (emotional words only)

Sounds scary, isn’t it?
Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
Sounds great, doesn’t it?

3. How many times have you tried … but then felt …?

How many times have you tried to go to the gym but feel depressed and gain weight after 2 months?
How many times have you tried to practice a new habit, but then you still returned to your old self after only a few days?
How many times have you tried to learn German, but then feel yourself unable to pass from Hallo?