A basic introduction to Google Adwords

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If you want to help your website have better ranking on the Google top search, one of the most efficient ways is to use Google Adwords. However, how much do you understand about this tool? Do you know how many types of advertisement of Google? For those who are still unclear, this article will help you to answer the question.

Normally, there are four popular types of advertising that Google suggests businesses to use. They include Display ads, Video ads, Search ads, and App ads. Among them, the most popularly used is the search network type.

Search Network ads display as a text after a given command on Google search. It works by targeting the specific keywords that match with the searching on the Google searching tool.

The next type of Google adwords is the display ads. They show up as a banner or a text on some popular websites such as Gmail or sites with high traffic that allows Google advertisements.  This is a common form for businesses to marketing and bring back visitors who did not convert. For example, when you visit a specific website to read news or find information, etc., it is likely that you will see a banner with non-related information. And it is possibly the display ads.

With the third type of Google Ads, you create a video with an advertising content to show up on Youtube or any website that allows displaying videos. This type of advertising help you provide more information with various methods of message conveying, instead of being limited in texts or a small area of banners. Video ads are being used more and more popularly these days, especially when we are living in a visual world.

And last but not least, Application-based ads are also an important par of Google adwords that you should notice. With this type, you are allowed to advertise on popular apps which are based on Google network.

Recently, there is another type of Google ads that attract attentions of businesses. It is Google Shopping, the type that can be used when you run an e-commerce website. With this type of advertising, you can promote your products on Google when searchers type their keywords related to your products which are being advertised.