About custom CMS vs open source CMS

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CMS (Content management system) become popular with almost business in the modern society of information technology. Custom CMS and open source CMS are two main kinds of CMS.

Which CMS type is proper to your business? This article will continue to compare content as well other factors as recommendation to choose a proper CMS with your form of company.

In the previous article “About custom CMS vs open source CMS <Part 1>”, we explain definition about custom CMS and open source CMS. To decide which CMS, you should consider the following factors:

Firstly, In-house IT resources.

In general, open source CMS can provide infinite possibilities to create some new layers of functions. But doing these changes requires a highly professional level of development of businesses. The fact that few don’t have in-house IT resources.

Therefore, it’s important to frankly review about your profile whether your company has ability to use functions of open source CMS or not.

Secondly, User profiles.

You should consider about the roles and needs of your company to one primary CMS platform. Other types of CMS require technical skills for marketers to manage and take advantage of benefits maximum. A few complicated contents you have to reply on IF staff to help and solve. This issue takes your process slow down dramatically.

Thirdly, Budget.

The fact that, budget looks like cost of a major technology purchase because your company has to pay it monthly. When referring budget, cost should be a considering factor to choose a proper CMS.

Open source CMS alternatives are available at no or lower cost than cost of custom CMS. But you need to reply on IT staff or the third party to support or repair the system when it is on trouble. So, you should consider carefully to choose a proper site to do business effectively.