Bitrix site manager review

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Bitrix site manager CMS has been built a fantastic algorithm to boost CMS’ performance on all other existing CMS applications so this site is one of the most effective Content Management system for you. This article will discuss more information about Bitrix site manager.


Bitrix with revolutionary site manager helps any online business to enhance the maximum efficiency and usability of website. It seems a free CMS really free for users.

Installation, Usability and Navigation

As notified, Bitrix should be installed on a regular 32/64 bit processor with 256 MB RAM or more than. While this site is running in the background, you can use any other applications like CRM, MS Outlook or Word file but it keeps smooth.

One special requirement which is better for all online business that Bitrix doesn’t need to have a dedicated server class machine to optimize processing power. About configuration, it has been set up enough Ram for all basic functions less than a million hits a day.

Besides it, Bitrix has benefits about easy usability and understanding by itself. Within 15 minutes to quickly set up and register account, this site will understand what can be accessed from.

Navigation on screenshot, the navigation and menu items are explanatory so that users can navigate to the appropriate section like adding, delete or edit content on their demand. Further, in the function of higher navigation level, it allows you to access any sections only with 3 clicks. It is perfect to save time and give convenience for the users.

Features and Functionalities

According to arrangement from Bitrix site manager, features and functionalities are neatly laid out to make comfortable and easy in navigation and searching of users.

E-Store is highly recommended as the most outstanding feature of Bitrix. It supports online business to sell merchandise, books, music easily and simply. It also supports to use multiple different video formats like Flash and Microsoft videos in media player list.