Confluence for Content Management- Useful resources, videos and further reading

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Confluence is a CMS (Content Management System) software which stores management resources for your website. Although it is a new software but it has been well-known based on outstanding features like setting up useful space for modular technical documentation, adding approval workflows or using it for technical communication.

This following will discuss more detail about use resources, videos and further reading of Confluence CMS.

Getting started with Confluence CMS

From the beginning until now, millions of business and group take advantage of Confluence CMS to manage all kinds of knowledge.

When it is built up functions, it is set up an extensible platform so you can install add-ons to supply some additional content management features for maintaining basic documentation. These add-ons enable Confluence can catch up with special content management systems to manage documentation correctly. After its expression, it is highly appreciated as easy-to-use collaboration platform which can connect people to join and control in the content management process.

Technical communication with Confluence CMS

We divide into range of resources and media so that it can help you to provide content management systems clearly.

Books: Recommend like Sarah Maddox’s Confluence, Tech Comm or Chocolate.

Web resources: you can develop technical documentation for a crowd-sourced Q&A knowledge which is based on Confluence and other products.

How to use Confluence as a professional CMS

As discussed above, Confluence has various benefits for managing technical content. It is the most outstanding mode of Confluence. But it also can bring other features like other professional CMS.

You also manage the content from creating new symbols, re-setting up a new structure, adding or deleting the article/ video or image…In addition, you have the right to re-use the content and manage variant content properly. Finally, you can use Confluence platform to achieve CMS goals efficiently.