Contentful CMS reviews & details

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Among various site about content management system, you are confusing to find the proper site including features and budget. This article will review about Contentful CMS which is one of the most popular sites for business.

What is Contentful CMS?

As normal CMS, Contentful also supplies basic content infrastructure for digital teams to upgrade power for websites, apps and other devices. But Contentful has different feature compared other CMS, it has been built to provide with the modern software stack. Further it plays an important role as center of content, powerful management and delivery. It can customizable web app for developers and content creators to deliver their products smoothly and faster.

Founded in 2010 in the USA, Contentful is highly appreciated by it builds up a content management platform with intention to protect the environment. It focuses on awareness of the human before the serious change of the climate.

About price of Contentful CMS

In the first time when register, you are the right to access to a free trial time to review overview features of this site. However, version of trial has a little limitation about functions compared official version. Some basic modes in trial like: platform in some app (Mac OS, Mobile phone, Window), training for one person by online or documentations and support 24/7 to solve troubles.

When you accept to purchase official Contentful CMS, the price starts $99.00 per month. It can be raised when you require more functions.

To encourage users, this site has promotion policies monthly like free for new functions or discount off the fee. You should keep contact with these updates from this site to get great benefits.


Contentful CMS is a smart site which understand emotion as feeling of users then they make programming language and template framework properly. Customers feel not boring when they use this site a long time. So you should try one time to discover Contentful CMS more detail.