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Once the data you’ve specified using the first tab is validated, the grants of your MySQL account will be used to determine the databases suitable for RenovatioCMS use. Although MySQL allows administrators to assign about 30 different rights to a specific account, only 8 of them are important when using RenovatioCMS. These are: “SELECT”, “INSERT”, “UPDATE”, “DELETE”, “CREATE”, “DROP”, “INDEX” and “ALTER”. These rights may be assigned globally (which applies to all available databases) or locally (which applies to certain databases or tables only).

The second tab of the system management tool.

Different situations

As a consequence of MySQL’s complicated grant structure, different situations are possible, requiring different kinds of input from the user:

  • Case A: The account’s global grants allow the user to use any available database for RenovatioCMS use. Furthermore, the account is allowed to create a list of all availabledatabases. In this case a list will be presented, allowing you to choose any databaseyou like. Caution is advised however, because some databases may actually be meant to be used by other applications (like PHPMyAdmin). When in doubt, please contactyour hosting provider.
  • Case B: The account’s global grants allow the user to use any available database, but the account is not allowed to create a list of all available databases. The list mentioned above will not be presented in this case; instead a text input field is introduced. This allows you to type in the name of the appropriate database yourself. The database’s existence and suitableness will be checked while typing.
  • Case C: The account’s grants allow the user to use only some of the databases. Also, as a consequence of this specific grant structure, a list of names of suitable databasescan be deduced. In this case, a list will be presented comparable to the list mentioned in case A. As in case A, caution is advised.
  • Case D: The account does exist, but it does not have suitable grants to use any database on the server. As a consequence, no list or text input field will be available. If this is the case, we advise you to contact your hosting provider.

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