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During the first part of the procedure (the first three tabs) choices have been made, but the server has not performed any actions yet (apart from collecting data). The summarytab will show a list of collected data and actions that will be performed. By pressing “Finish” you will instruct system management to use the listed data and perform the listed actions. The text input fields here, are read-only. If you want to make alterations, you will have to select one of the previous tabs.

The fourth tab of the system management tool.

MySQL data and actions

First of all, the hostname and the login data used for the MySQL account will be listed, as specified in the first tab. Secondly, the name of the database will be listed, as specified in the second tab. Furthermore, there will be a list of “old tables” that will be removed and a list of “new tables” that will be created. These lists are based on the selection made in the third tab. The “Create new tables” list contains tables that will be removed first and then created, as well as tables that did not exist in the first place.

The account data and file location.

Account and file

Also, to guarantee a proper start, certain parts of the RenovatioCMS “Super admin” account will be reset. Consequently, when your “Super admin” account has been confiscated or has become corrupt, system management will allow you to regain control. The Super admin account is the main account used to manage your website once operational (this is not the same as your MySQL account). The account will automaticallybecome active, assuming you have cookie support enabled. If not, you will have to loginmanually once system management has completed its tasks.

Additionally, the server path and web url of the mysqlaccess.php file will be mentioned. This file is used to save your MySQL login data. Saving this data is important because otherwise any user visiting your site would have to supply your MySQL account data in order to receive data from your database. If system management fails to save your credentials to the mysqlaccess.php file, the file will be made available as a download. You can then upload it to the proper location, using your FTP connection.

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