Google AdWords with some basic overviews for starters

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Google AdWords is a very important tool that help increase the rank of your website. Basically, with Google Adwords used properly, you can boost your website to the top of searching in a short time. So how to make use of it? This article will give you a brief introduction so you can somehow imagine what and how to use Google AdWords.

The first thing to talk about must be keywords, which plays a big role in this tool. A keyword can be a word or a phrase that users type on the search engine of Google. After finishing the searching process, your ad will be displayed with the keyword, together with other related opponents who use the same keywords for their ads.

Per click from users, Google will count and charge you with your ad. They also charge you for impression, which is calculated by the frequency that your ad will show up when users search with the keywords.. You will get the CTR (click through rate) when dividing clicks by impressions, based on the percentage of users who clicked on your ad and land on your . With CTR, you can tell which ad is efficient, and which does not work well.

In order to use Google Adwords effectively, you have to set a bid and a budget. The bid is the maximum amount of money you are willing to charge per click. For example, for a specific keyword, Google will look at the bid of all website and show the ads from the site with the highest bid, just like how it works in an auction house.

In case you are the one who bid most for the keyword for which you want your ad to show up, Google will not use your maximum bid, in order to optimize the bids and impressions. Therefore, it is more saving than you think, when in fact you just have to spend less than the actual maximum bid.

We will get to know other basic knowledge about Google AdWords in the next article. Make sure you will not miss it!