Process of planning to write an interesting content

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Process is everything
Taking customers as a center is the common point of the best copywriting in the world today. Advertising ideas can only be effective when focusing on customers’ needs.

HubSpot is one of the brands that develops content marketing strategies in this direction. All content written by HubSpot is aimed at the target readers’ needs. This strategy helps HubSpot achieve 100% conversion rate on the website.

Depending on the actual situation, each business will have different content creation processes. But basically, every process has the following steps:

– Research: Knowledge is a solid fulcrum for drafting effective writing ideas. You must know who the target reader is; What problems are they facing and what is the right way for them to convey.

– Find common ground: Next, you need to determine the common point between consumer issues and the solutions your company provides. These common points will be an important factor in your article. Because these factors will motivate consumers to be willing to pay for products or services.

– Setting up an idea frame and outlining the content: You can apply the formula AIDA: Attention, Interest, Design and Action to develop the framework content from common points found. When the frame is complete, it’s time to start drafting.

– Review: At this stage, first, you need to check whether the draft article has shown the product characteristics related to the target customer. Next, ask your co-workers to read the article again to find out if there are any questions that are not clear, which ones are not concise and have any goal ideas being skimmed.

– Finish: Based on the feedback from readers, please complete your draft article. You can repeat steps 4 and 5 until you feel confident about the article.