Quickly useful information about WordPress

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WordPress is a basically free web software which you can use to create beautiful websites, blogs or apps easily whereas you don’t have any knowledge about information technology.

Can check list main functions of WordPress as below. We don’t refer to more advanced features like creating plugins or using the WordPress REST API because it requires user with more profession and technique.

  • Design and build your website
  • Customize themes to suit your requirement.
  • Upload content, images or video for sell online.
  • Add more E-Commerce features into themes to boost your website.
  • Develop and control member in management systems.

Actually, WordPress helps you to access and create content-rich websites easily and simply. Through powerful admin pages mode and the easy-to-use customizer mode, it can meet your various demands about design, manage or develop your website.

First of all, to build a WordPress theme, you need to design it fluently. There are main types in WordPress:

  • WordPress.org: free web software which can also call self-hosted. You are easy to download and install on your host web.
  • WordPress.com: is a profit web. You have to pay a fee to use service better.

However, it has drawbacks about functions. Until any period, the built-in options can’t meet your requirements, you have to modify a theme or upgrade your own plugin. It’s only way to help your web survive among social technology development day by day. That’s reason why PHP comes out confidently.

In brief, PHP is the programming language which is built and designed by WordPress. This purpose of WordPress is boosting itself. Now, WordPress is not only basic web software to upload your writing but also a high-technology website with many complicated functions from 3D image effect, ability of interaction to viewer, so on. If you want to take advantage of your website in a long time, you should learn PHP program to update WordPress skills to the next level.