The disadvantage of content management system

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When you set up a website, CMS is one of the most important things which you have to spend time to implement and co-operate fluently. Simply understanding about CMS, it is a web application to supply all the necessary tools in management both online content and system of users.

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Thanks CMS, user can upload or modify content, manage, control and generate webpages in every time and everywhere. Actually, CMS brings many benefits for your business but it still exists several disadvantages as the followings:

1, CMS has to contain hundreds of files

When your site covers over files, it becomes overload and makes more errors or low speed. You have to take many times to find the cause of the errors. Even in some bad cases, you can’t turn back to the original site especially.

To repair this error, you have to pay money for CMS company to fix the errors.

2, Limited flexibility in design

The fact that CMS sites only provide basic templates for design. It seems limitation in the flexibility and uniqueness of design so your website becomes simple and not creative in a long business activity.

3, Limited SEO of web pages

Limiting flexibility in design leads to limiting SEO of web pages. It is easy to explain for this consequences.

When the content is limited by content and template, duplicate content can easily occur for your site. It can badly affect to SEO target plan to customers.

4, SEO Maintenance

CMS sites often have to cover millions of pages and contents, therefore, it becomes be difficult to optimize them. So you waste time to recover site when it happens errors. Time should be refined and altered to keep pace with your plan.

5, Slow loading

When your site has much database, you need to wait for the pages to be processed by the server so the speed is lower than your expectation. Don’t be surprise because site has limitation about memory. More database you store, lower your process speed is.