The key features of a successful sport CMS (part 1)

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Finding a powerful and high-functioning sport CMS can be make or break, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Read on for six key features you shouldn’t be without when choosing a CMS in the world of sport.

1. Intuitive core functionality

In terms of content management, many might assume it’s a simple matter of creating, dropping, and dragging before editing pages. However, don’t take it for granted since this core functionality isn’t always presented in an intuitive way.

Blogging platforms often allow content owners and editors to organize posts and pages by date and category. This keeps the interface easy to navigate, but represents a limitation in functionality that may be quite frustrating. Particularly in environments like sports where things move so fast and the importance of ‘being there’ as things are happening is fundamental.

The core functionality of a modern CMS sits in the space of content creation. As an editor, you need to publish your content with the possibility to combine text and media, and to embed content that comes from external sources as well. Most importantly, the workflow needs to be as intuitive as possible.

2. The editor

The editor is also a core feature that is very worth extra attention. It’s the interface bringing the backbone of your content to life, and it has traditionally allowed content creators to add and apply basic formatting to the text. The majority of CMS has been conceived with the named WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor at their heart. This feature explains that content is edited in a form resembling its appearance when displayed as a finished product, not to mention the medium.

The adoption of an simple to understand editor brings both advantages and dangers to content owners and editorial teams. Especially when given too much control of the design of a page, editors can customize the appearance of a page  to the point of impacting the consistency of branding and design. In order to achieve this, the CMS also needs to mix design and content and editors have to focus on content and make it stand out.