The principles of writing for a standard SEO article

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1. The article must have a minimum length of 300 words, of course the longer the better, but should not be too long because it will cause “embarrassing reading syndrome” for users. If the content you intend to write is too long, you should divide it into multiple articles.

2. The SEO keyword (focus keyword) should be in: article title, SEO title, meta description tag (article description tag), article link, first paragraph of article, sub tag -heading, avatar image (featured image) and the first image name that appears in the article. SEO keywords should appear in the first part of the above factors.
3. Keyword density needs SEO should be between 2% and 4% of the length of the article, evenly distributed to the parts of the article. Absolutely not cramming keywords for a few articles, which not only annoys the reader but also makes your website penalized by Google.

4. SEO title (title) and article description tag (description) are of medium length and contain keywords. SEO titles should be 50 to 70 characters long. Description tags should be 100-160 characters long.

5. Should use sub-heading cards (respectively from H2 to H6) to deploy parts of the article. This will help both search bots and readers easily grasp the structure of the article. Should not use H1 tag in the article content if the article title is H1 tag. At least one of the sub-headings must contain keywords that need SEO.

6. The article link (URL) should not be too long, usually just contain keywords that need SEO (unsigned) and add up to 3 more words.

7. Add related article links. These links should be placed at the beginning of the article to search bots and users quickly discover them.
8. If you copy the image from other sites, rename and edit it so that it is not the same as the original image, avoiding the copyright report. Each word is separated by hyphens (-), and remember to write the full ATL for the picture.