What is Adwords? The role of Adwords in SEO

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What is keywords and adwords?
Keywords are words that have an important meaning in a sentence, a specific paragraph of text. Based on keywords you can also define a certain part of the content of an article. Currently the keyword term is being used quite a lot in the internet system and it will be the focus of every issue, every topic that we are interested in.

Adwords are words used to describe products and services that your business wants to advertise. Keywords will tell customers whether the business is advertising, what products are suitable for consumers’ needs, if there are users they will be willing to click on the ads to search for information.

The requirement for the selected adwords in those campaigns is that it must show the characteristics of the product or service along with it, these keywords must be in the search trend of users when there is a need for products and services that your business is providing. In response to this requirement, the ad will show more information, the better the click-through rate of the user on the ad, and that is the basis for the success of the advertising campaign that businesses are looking forward.

What is the role of Adwords in advertising?
For any advertising campaign implemented with Google Adwords, the keyword always plays an important role, having a decisive meaning to the success or failure of the campaign. The reason for these assertions is:

– Keywords help advertising reach the most potential customers, thereby selling opportunities from advertising will be significantly increased. The opposite will also happen, ads will display incorrectly potential customers if the campaign incorrectly selects the keywords, the ads still show but do not bring business benefits.

– Optimized advertising costs through keywords: Choose an appropriate keyword list to advertise, which is a better way for your business to optimize the cost for your own advertising campaign. me

– Keywords help improve conversion rates, improve ad visibility

– Keywords help increase advertising quality score