What is WordPress?

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What is WordPress? What makes it the most popular content management platform (CMS) in the world? WordPress website currently exceeds 30% of the total website books worldwide – and is still growing!

A content management system is an application that helps website owners, editors and authors manage their websites and publish content without programming knowledge.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL, 2 components are fully supported on every web host. In addition, because of the popularity of WordPress, many vendors also specifically create WordPress hosting packages to improve speed, performance and stability for the website.

Usually, people using CMS use it for blogs, but WordPress sites can easily turn into an online store, a portfolio site, or a newspaper, or any kind of website you want.

When you search for WordPress in Google or on other search engines, you will see that there are 2 related websites: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. It can be confusing, but each site has its own purpose and users.

WordPress.org is the website you need if you want to create your own WordPress self-hosted WordPress site. You can download this platform and find a free theme and plugin here. To host your website, you need to register a domain name and rent a web hosting package.

WordPress uses PHP and MySQL to run, 2 components are supported on every web host. However, there are many web hosting also creating separate WordPress hosting packages to have a suitable and optimal hosting environment for WordPress.
WordPress.com is a hosting company that uses WordPress content management system for every blog on it. Users registering for the service will receive a private blog with a domain name like myblog.wordpress.com (of course, a private domain name can be used, you only need to pay a fee). The default package is free, although it has several limitations.