1. I’d like to have a website and:

  • I want to have free guidance during construction.
  • I want a user friendly system that works out of the box.
  • I’m willing to check out web languages like HTML and CSS.
  • I don’t want to depend on expensive software.

2. I want do download RVCMS right away:

3. I want to support RenovatioCMS:


  • handleidinghtml.nl
    HTML & CSS easy manual,
    ideal for beginners (NLD)
  • w3schools.com
    Very comprehensive manual,
    treats several web languages (ENG)
  • quirksmode.org
    Comprehensive overview of
    exceptional browser behaviour (ENG)
  • validator.w3.org
    Check your site on-line for
    HTML code flaws (ENG)
  • on-line PHP handbook
    The official PHP handbook,
    for experienced users (ENG)
  • sitemasters.be
    User guides and examples,
    several web languages (NLD)
  • tizag.com
    Exercises and examples,
    several web languages (ENG)
  • phpjs.org
    Overview of famous and popular
    PHP functions, ported to JS (ENG)
  • jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator
    Check your site on-line for
    CSS code flaws (ENG)
  • on-line MySQL handbook
    The official MySQL handbook,
    for experienced users (ENG)