Changelog RVCMS / V 001.091

Changelog RVCMS / V 001.091

RenovatioCMS is always under development. The overview below gives some insight in the changes and enhancements that have been included in Version 001.091:

V 001.091 is a mini-release. It consists mainly of enhancements of existing code.

Small enhancements

  • All “help” buttons are renewed and tested. The new help buttons correspond to the newest documentation, including the system management documentation.
  • A new “help” button has been added to the login popup.
  • Additionally, some small textual bugs and syntax bugs were corrected.

Other differences

Other small optimisations and alterations that have no significant influence on the user experience are not shown in the overview above. You can reveal these differences yourself, by downloading different RenovatioCMS versions and comparing them using WinMerge.