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Your customers will probably use other ways to access the internet than you do. They will use other browsers and other mobile devices than you do. It is nice to have a general idea of how different browsers behave, because this allows you to understand the way your visitors receive your message. Just try some browsers and check their look and feel, their speed and the way they display text, load images and handle interactive elements. You will see that the worlds most widely used browser (and perhaps the browser you’re used to) is not necessarily the best one. You can download the five most widely usedbrowsers for free here.

Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Opera Mobile, Android & Firefox Mobile.

Most of our users manage their website using Mozilla Firefox and we advise you to do the same (viewing or testing websites is a different matter of course). This is simply because Firefox is available for free on WindowsLinux as well as Mac OSX. As a consequence, our documentation only has to cover one browser type and still remains cross platform. Furthermore, Firefox supports a large variety of interesting tools for web developers. Some enable you to upload your files, some help you to find bugs and some help you to prevent spelling errors. Some interesting tools are listed here.


Once you’ve managed to get your own domain, one of the first things you will have to do is putting your files on some web server. The easiest way to accomplish this, is to useFTP. If you add FireFTP to Firefox for instance, Firefox will be able to connect to web servers and will allow you to drag and drop your local files onto the internet (we will treat this subject in more detail later on). Also, dictionaries are available. These allow you to spell-check your input in text input areas you encounter on the internet, including the web based RVCodeEditor that comes with RenovatioCMS.

Firebug enables you to examine the code and the layout of a website.

Furthermore, tools like XAMPPFirebug and Winmerge are available. You will probably learn to appreciate these tools when things get more complicated. Some experiencedusers decide to rewrite parts of our programming and add extra features for instance. RenovatioCMS is designed in a way that should make these kinds of endeavours unnecessary for most users, but our software tends to attract people who like to do things their own way. This is a good thing of course, because it introduces new ideas to our community.

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