Changelog RVCMS / V 001.092

RenovatioCMS is always under development. The overview below gives some insight in the changes and enhancements that have been included in Version 001.092:

Significant changes

  • New Classic skin: There has been a complete overhaul of the skin system in general and the Classic skin in particular. Using modern web technologies like CSS3border-radiusCSS3box-shadowSub-pixel anti-aliasing and opacity effects, a new user experience has been realised. In order to pave the way for a broader use of the skin system, new standards have been introduced and functionality is redistributed over the skin and the CMS itself. This will allow upcoming releases to include new skins.
  • Improved user experience: A lot of small improvements have been made in order to enhance the user experience. Some of them are listed below:
    • The RVCMS CodeEditor uses a new button system.
    • Better alignment of popups and backgrounds.
    • The use of compact CSS to enhance page-load speeds.
    • All AJAX tools give a warning when JavaScript is disabled.
    • Unsupported character types will be filtered from the RVCMS CodeEditor text area while editing, instead of being excluded during the save procedure.
    • AJAX tools will give a warning in case of unsaved changes.
    • Unsaved changes will be visible as an asterisk (*) in the title bar.
    • The newest available RVCMS version will be checked in Settings management.
    • During the logout procedure, no popup is used any more.
    • All RVCMS documents contain a head and a body part.
    • Reserved space will remain hidden in order to avoid confusion.
    • Avatars will not be loaded into the database by default.
    • Opened items will be closed before new ones are being opened.
    • Popups will be cleared when they are closed.
    • All alignment related processes are included in a single alignment function.
    • Rename popups will use previous values as start values.
    • Applied values will be saved immediately when closing popups.
    • Nameless items will ask for a new name when opened.
    • The CodeEditor caret position is preserved when going to full-screen.

Other differences

Other small optimisations and alterations that have no significant influence on the user experience are not shown in the overview above. You can reveal these differences yourself, by downloading different RenovatioCMS versions and comparing them using WinMerge.