Changelog RVCMS / V 001.100

Changelog RVCMS / V 001.100

RenovatioCMS is always under development. The overview below gives some insight in the changes and enhancements that have been included in Version 001.100:

PHP editor: complete overhaul

The syntax recognition filters of the build in PHP editor have been completely renewed. Also, the syntax highlighting has been enhanced, a programming dictionary has been included and keyboard short-cut support has been added. In short:

  • Faster filters, less code. 40% code reduction.
  • More pronounced colours. Examples can be found here.
  • Recognition of 4 different languages: PHPHTMLCSSJavaScript.
  • Recognition of over a 100 different HTML entities.
  • Recognition of over a 100 CSS properties and pseudo classes.
  • Recognition of over 900 JavaScript objectspropertiesmethods & reserved words.
  • Recognition of all 5731 documented PHP functions as well as 46 reserved words.
  • Keyboard short-cut support for savingbolditalicheader1full screen etc..
  • Support for lower screen resolutions (mobile devices).

UBB editor: complete overhaul

The UBB editor has been separated from the PHP editor and optimised for easy everyday use. Special attention has been paid to quick editingsimple use of syntax (UBB), automatic word wrapping, small screen resolutions (mobile devices), and clear syntax highlighting (examples can be found here). The new UBB editor paves the way for future applications such as blog-pages, front-pages, news item management, guest books, agenda management etc..

Other differences

Other small optimisations and alterations that have no significant influence on the user experience are not shown in the overview above. You can reveal these differences yourself, by downloading different RenovatioCMS versions and comparing them using WinMerge.