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Your benefits:

  • FREE! Released under the GNU general public license.
  • Quick and easy to install, comprehensive manuals.
  • Tested on Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  • Editor with wide web language support.
  • Developed for LAMP and WAMP servers.
  • More reasons for choosing RenovatioCMS.

Latest release:

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  • Released:  2011-10-18 20:04
  • Details:  Changelog-V001-110

Extremely quick start guide

  • Download and unpack the ZIP archive.
  • Upload the contents of the unpacked archive to your server.
  • Finished!! (For a more in-depth treatment, we advise the getting started guide).

System requirements

  • A web server* that supports PHP5MySQL5 and FTP.
  • A modern web browser (FirefoxChromeExplorerOpera or Safari).
  • An FTP program (FireFTPFileZillaWinSCP or Total Commander).

(*The web server is usually provided by a hosting company. If you want to run a web server at home to test your website offline, we would advise XAMPP.)

Older versions

  • We advise you to document any alterations you make to the system files of your own RenovatioCMS installation in detail. This makes upgrading the system to a newer version a lot easier. You can find the RenovatioCMS version number by browsing to your welcome page or by viewing the source code of your files.
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