Changelog RVCMS / V 001.090

Changelog RVCMS / V 001.090

RenovatioCMS is always under development. The overview below gives some insight in the changes and enhancements that have been included in Version 001.090:

V 001.090 includes an installer, includes better security measures and is more robust.

Significant changes

  • System management: When files are lost or have become unreadable, when tablesare missing from the database, when SQL grants are missing or when the SQL connection is inoperative, a new tool is loaded: System management. The System management tool can be used to repair or reconfigure your file system and database. It also helps first time users to establish and save new database connections, eliminating tedious install procedures that would require the opening and saving of *.php files.
  • Better input protection: All input from usersvisitors and administrators is filtered by a new set of “secure input filters“. Instead of developing a suitable filter for every input variable individually, one of four possible input filter functions is used: SecureStringWL (white list filter), SecureStringBL (black list filter), SecureStringNL(no list filter) and SecureInteger (for numbers and Booleans). This reduces the chances of human error during software development, because the input protection scripts are clustered and standardised.

Small enhancements

  • functions.js: Bug preventing multiple AJAX posts is solved.
  • structure.php: Support for empty menu and user arrays is added.
  • functions.php: Better PHP magic quote support is added.
  • All management tools: Existence of required input is checked before execution.
  • All php scripts: All strings are converted to single quoted strings.
  • JSON scripts: Array to JSON conversion functions now support empty arrays.
  • All files: All scripts are thoroughly reviewed and optimised.

Other differences

Other small optimisations and alterations that have no significant influence on the user experience are not shown in the overview above. You can reveal these differences yourself, by downloading different RenovatioCMS versions and comparing them using WinMerge.