V 001.080

Changelog RVCMS / V 001.080

RenovatioCMS is always under development. The overview below gives some insight in the changes and enhancements that have been included in Version 001.080:

V 001.080 is a mini-release. It consists mainly of enhancements of existing code.

Significant changes

  • RVCMS document structure: From this version on, RVCMS documents may have a separate head and body part. The different parts of the document are identified by traditional W3-Compliant head and body tags. A completely random succession of body and header parts is allowed. A post-processor analyses the document output and divides head and body parts. When the skin receives the output, it includes the head part in the HTML page head and the body in the HTML page body.

Small enhancements

The following functions were optimised:

  • accmanagement.js: RepeatRequest().
  • accmanagement.js: AJAXResponse($Response).
  • accsettings.js: RepeatRequest().
  • accsettings.js: AJAXResponse($Response).
  • docmanagement.js: RepeatRequest().
  • docmanagement.js: AJAXResponse($Response).
  • docmanagement.php: LoadDocDet().
  • functions.js: ArrayToJSONString($JSONArray).
  • functions.js: JSONStringToArray($JSONString).
  • functions.js: AJAXPost($Url, $Request, $OnResponse).
  • functions.php: ArrayToJSONString($JSONArray).
  • functions.php: JSONStringToArray($JSONString).
  • functions.php: CheckJSON().
  • functions.php: LoadSettings($url).
  • functions.php: LoadAccounts($url).
  • functions.php: LoadLanguages($url).
  • functions.php: LoadMenuItems($url).
  • functions.php: LoadDocuments($url, $account).
  • functions.php: CheckLogin($login_name = “”, $login_pass = “”).
  • functions.php: GetSiblings($id, $mode).
  • functions.php: RVCodeEditor($id = “code_editor”, $name = “code_editor”).
  • lanmanagement.js: RepeatRequest().
  • lanmanagement.js: AJAXResponse($Response).
  • menmanagement.js: RepeatRequest().
  • menmanagement.js: AJAXResponse($Response).
  • menmanagement.php: LoadItemDet().
  • menmanagement.php: SaveItemDet().
  • menmanagement.php: DeleteItem().
  • setmanagement.js: RepeatRequest().
  • setmanagement.js: AJAXResponse($Response).
  • setmanagement.php: LoadSetDet().
  • setmanagement.php: SaveSetDet().
  • javascript.js: ShowPopup($Header, $Content, $Field).

Other differences

Other small optimisations and alterations that have no significant influence on the user experience are not shown in the overview above. You can reveal these differences yourself, by downloading different RenovatioCMS versions and comparing them using WinMerge.