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Using the system management tool, you can establish a link with your MySQL server. Furthermore, you can choose the database you want to use and configure it when necessary. RenovatioCMS needs this database to store its dynamical objects (likedocumentsaccounts or menu items). The system management tool contains four different steps that will be displayed as separate tabs. During the procedure, these tabs will allow you to review your previous input. At the end, a summary will be composed listing your input, as well as the actions that will be performed by system managementon your web server.

The first tab of the system management tool.

The first tab allows you to specify the login data of your MySQL server. As mentioned in our getting started section, you will need your server’s hostname to establish a link. Furthermore, you will need the login name and password corresponding to your MySQL account. Your input will be checked while typing. If your input appears to be invalid, we advise you to check your data once more and contact your hosting provider when necessary.

Important: Once your data is validated, an indication of the password strength is displayed also. We would strongly advice to use a password of sufficient strength (at least 12 and preferable 24 characters long). This is because the system management tool will be available (as a maintenance tool), even if your website is fully configured. If you choose to use a weak password, it might be possible for hackers to guess your password and use the system management tool to take over your website.

<< Configuration wizard / Introduction CW / Sys management / Database >>