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A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool to help you design your website and actively update your website. Thanks to CMS solutions, customers can organize and operate the entire form and content of a website (text, image, video, document or even application).

Why you should Choose Open Source CMS?








Sutunam selects the website design for the client based on the popular CMS that we mastered for the following reasons:

Customers do not need technical knowledge but can use the website.
Content of the website is organized scientifically and closely (pages, media, FAQ – FAQ, forum, etc.).
Customer workgroups can work simultaneously on the same document (roles, permissions, etc.).
In addition, the cost of programming development is also lower because many features have been incorporated into CMS solutions such as photo galleries, blog formats or newsletters.

In case these features are not built-in, it will develop the necessary features to meet the needs of our customers.

More and more businesses use content management software to operate and manage websites. This is a trend that began in 2010, marked by the fact that many major computer companies around the world decided to use CMS Open Source Drupal.

Sutunam selects the best CMS on the market based on many criteria we have set after years of technology followers, accumulated experience and contributed to the Open Source field. Sutunam puts the focus on sustainable solutions, the quality of the user community, the development potential and the security of these solutions. At Sutunam, we work in the following areas:

– Drupal website design
– WordPress website design

These CMSs are written in the PHP language and run on one (or more) SQL databases. PHP is very popular because there are many libraries, when combined with MySQL and jQuery / Ajax will create dynamic websites.

Which Open Source CMS should I choose?
Sutunam experts help customers select the most appropriate content management tool. We propose the solution after analyzing the situation of the client company, considering the criteria such as the degree of independence that the client wishes for the content posted, the number of users, the amount of data material, etc.