The best CMS for casino affiliate marketing

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A casino affiliate business is an app or website that drives traffic towards an online casino business. Instead of having to run the casino business yourself, you just need to try and get your app or website viewers to head over to the casino and play the games you like.

WordPress is widely considered the best CMS for casino affiliate marketing. WordPress themselves boast that they power 31 percent of the internet. That sounds crazy but the fact that can’t be denied is that their content management system is second to none.

Although other alternatives such as Wix are much simpler to use, they don’t have the configurability as WordPress do. WordPress is the only platform that has the SEO options, themes, extensive range of plugins, and pure ability to do almost everything you want. All of these things can help you to build a site that people will want to visit and trust.

It is better to ease yourself in WordPress slowly, instead of diving into head first, so you won’t likely to give up quickly since there is nowhere as intuitive as other CMS platforms. Ensure that you familiarize yourself a little with WordPress by watching an introductory YouTube tutorial or taking a full free online course at Udemy to see how a simple website is made.

Once you have chosen a theme in WordPress, you can start fleshing out your pages with elements such as text, graphics, images, where it will be easy to add content like casino reviews.

The first step in your journey to becoming a casino affiliate marketer is to set up a basic website with WordPress. The next step is to think about which casinos you want to be an affiliate with, where to advertise your site, how to optimize your SEO, whether you need social media pages… That will take you a while to build up but you’ll be surprised once you start achieving your goals.