Top Great Website Creation Tools in Open Source CMS

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A content management system (CMS) makes many benefits to manage, create and design content and information on website effectively. To develop and broaden functions as well character of CMS, the Open source CMS has been released under the rapid evolution.

As consequences, one open source CMS will focus on particular feature so that they will become more special and effectively where some other open CMS prefer to become “all-in-one CMS. They want to widen and customize under a wide range of options and demand accordingly.

The fact that open source CMS has become a strong growth in the CMS system. In this article, we will share top great website creation tools in open source CMS. If you are a crazy bettor to follow other requirements, don’t ignore this article.

1, WordPress CMS site

Without a doubt, WordPress is one of the most popular website creation tools for users. It’s easy to build up an unique blog daily or one an e-commerce site to manage or buy product on site. On average, there are almost 60% or even more have chosen WordPress CMS site as the destination for the total site.

2, Ghost CMS site

Sometimes WordPress is overloaded because of the huge number of users. If you only focus on your content or SEO, Ghost CMS site is another alternative choice perfectly. Furthermore, you can add unique features to your website thanks to extra features from Ghost. You feel your content should be better with a modern website design.

Besides it, ghost is also a perfect open source CMS to manage and develop your blog with a subscription-system.

3, Drupal CMS site

Drupal is granted one of the best open source CMS for enterprise. The fact that it requires more complicated technology about platform than WordPress, therefore you should read more document before using it to avoid mistake.