What is Joomla? Get familiar with Joomla

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What is Joomla?This is one of many open source content management systems used by many people besides WordPress, Squarespace, … Let’s get acquainted with Joomla through the most basic information about Joomla, surely you will feel very interesting.

What is Joomla?

Launched in 2005, Joomla is written in PHP language and connected to the MySQL database, allowing users to easily publish their content to the Internet or Intranet. Joomla has basic features: page caching to speed up display, indexing, reading RSS feeds (RSS feeds), printing pages, instant bulletins, blogs, forums, and comments. select, schedule, search in the site and support multiple languages.

Joomla is pronounced in Swahili as jumla means “concentric synergy”.

Joomla is used everywhere in the world, from personal websites to highly complex business website systems, offering many services and applications. Joomla is easy to install, easy to manage and highly reliable.

Joomla is open source so using Joomla is completely free for everyone in the world.
Joomla meets the description of 7 Web 2.0 features

– Web has a fundamental role, can run all application
– Community intelligence gathering
– Data plays a key role
– Software is provided in the form of web services and is constantly updated
– Application development is easy and fast
– Software can run on many devices
– Rich application interface
Joomla – The most powerful open source content management system in the world
Born due to disagreements within Mambo – a well-known content management system, almost all of Core Mam’s core personnel have left, building a mighty empire with a name Open Source Master, and Joomla was born since (2005). Just over 3 years of birth, Joomla has made an impression: 2 times the world’s best open source application award – the number of members over 200,000 (own at joomla.org). If you add big sites like rockettheme.com, joomlart.com, joomlashack.com, virtuemart.net, … the number of members is up to millions.