About custom CMS vs open source CMS

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Choosing between a custom CMS or open source CMS is one of the most important business decisions to make benefits for your website. Selecting a custom or open source CMS platform has both benefits and drawback. So you can’t answer rightly which CMS is the best. It depends on your business purpose to find a CMS solution.

Overview about custom CMS and open source CMS

In general, there are a few differences between custom and open source CMS.

Firstly, about an open source CMS: we can hear some outstanding CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. It is active based on publicizing available and editable code platform. Furthermore, it can be redistributed, copied and even modified for a few applications. It is usually updated and upgraded by the online community so it’s convenient for user to ask some supports in the software and new features.

Secondly, about a custom CMS: it is a unique platform which is created for individual case. Your business has the right to control functions, interface and all updates objectively. Because it is designed to serve for only your business, the workflow, design and usability can be adjusted as your requirement.

The next steps to select a custom CMS and open source CMS

To make the right choice for a proper CMS, you should kindly understand your current and future business goals as well other internal resources to find the major decision.

Another import condition, you also need to care about the maximum budget of your company for CMS cost. Investing to build up stable infrastructure is good but there are other factors to be served. You have decided which point should be prior.

Furthermore, you have to control the human resource whether your labor force can be enough knowledge to take advantage of benefit of CMS or not. Don’t waste your money when you can’t determine fixed purposes in business.